AisforAutistic.blogspot.com is a blog that was created with the intent of documenting what is happening in our lives following my son's diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder: all of the tests, the specialists, the affect it has on our daily life, and his achievements, big and small.

A is for Autistic is mostly written through the voice of myself, Bally's mother. I work full-time as a cake decorator, which leaves a lot of Bally and his sister's care to their Gramma. For a list of other Mommies and Daddies in Bally's life, feel free to familiarize yourself with the Characters page!

Bally is 3 years old. His interests include music and dancing, climbing, organizing (and disorganizing). He has a passion for words and the alphabet, and is more apt to shape letters at you than to respond with words. He loves to type-- wordpad is an amazing last-minute babysitter. He also has a slight nostalgic fondness for numbers, but those are so last week. Try and keep up here.