Bally (3yo) - His interests include music and dancing, climbing, organizing (and disorganizing). He has a passion for words and the alphabet, and is more apt to shape letters at you than to respond with words. He loves to type-- wordpad is an amazing last-minute babysitter. He also has a slight nostalgic fondness for numbers, but those are so last week. Try and keep up here.

Bally's sister (4yo) - A diva, a doctor and a little mommy. When she's not trying to check Bally's blood pressure, she enjoys singing, giving makeovers, ballet, watching new tv shows and playing with her toddler-friendly gaming device.

Mom (The blogger) - I also work full-time as a cake decorator. Don't get confused, I have no interest in nor any talent for baking. I enjoy reading, being outdoors, fantasizing about winning the lottery, and computer gaming.

Gramma (or Meema) - The maternal grandmother who takes care of Bally and his sister while I work, and is right there with us, every single day, every step of the way through this entire adventure. Occasionally Meema, when Bally doesn't feel like putting effort into the pronunciation, and also Mommy, when he's tired and completely delirious.

Grandpa (or Meepa) - The surrogate maternal grandfather who enables Bally's passions with Youtube videos of alphabet songs, nursery rhymes, and crazy Spanish songs with even crazier dance moves. Currently known to Bally as Daddy (as all men are at the moment), and to his sister as Honey.

Man - The maternal great-grandfather who understands Bally and his sister only a little less than they understand him. However, a positive presence in their lives. Known to Bally and his sister as Man, and to Bally in his tired/delirious state as, again, Daddy. We're working on this.